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Ever wonder why your nails never look as good as they do when you get them painted at the salon? The answer lies in the technique. Nail techs swear by the 3-stroke polish method, which allows for full-coverage color in just a few coats. Read on to learn just how easy it is to master the application.

So what is the 3-stroke method? It’s exactly as it sounds: You apply color (or base or top coat) in three easy strokes. The key is to use smooth, long strokes rather than quick, short strokes. Starting on a clean, primed nail, apply a drop of polish to the center of the nail, then use the polish brush to “push” the polish toward the cuticle. Next, use the bristles to “pull” the color toward the free edge in one long stroke. Then, return to the base of the nail and apply polish along one side, then “pull” the color in a straight line toward the free edge. Repeat along the other side of the nail and let dry. Apply a second coat if desired. Finish off with top coat and you’ll get salon-quality results every time!

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