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The great thing about nail polish is its chameleon-like ability to transform your fingers with the swipe of a brush. More so, nail polish transcends the nature of trends with its instantaneous ability to be seen on the runway one day and recreated on anyone’s hand the next. With fashion there is often a downtime between seasons and an item’s release, but with nail polish the latest designs are always attainable. 

Following season upon season of pastel hair trends and a bright new palette for spring and summer, we’ve deemed Lilac as the shade to be seen this season. Lilac encompasses a lighter shade of violet with subtle hints of pink. It can include both cool and warm hues and wears brilliantly on all skin tones.

 This shade is great for sheer coverage, an overall color or used in design work as a base or accents. See some of our favorite renditions below and check out the Style Finder for even more nail inspiration!


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Rachel from @crackersaboutlacquers

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Eunice Jolie from Nice Nails

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Dongni pho

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Twinz Nails