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Riverdale actress Lili Reinhart was stunning in silver at her first ever Met Gala. Attending accompanied by her other half Cole Sprouse she shined beautifully on the red carpet. Many are reporting that she reminded everyone of Brittany Murphy at the event and with her sweet hair and timid smile we can see why.

 “For tonight’s look, Lili wanted her nails to complement the custom H&M corset dress she was wearing. We used “handmade of honor” from essie’s gel couture wedding collection by Reem Acra, a vibrant bronze, and then added intricate detailing on top.” Said Celebrity Manicurist, Stephanie Stone. “We went through every possible gem, stud and nail accessory before landing on the beautiful gold leaves as they really brought out the mixed metal in the nail shade. The final look also ended up matching the MET invitation perfectly. It was really fun for me to collaborate with Lili because she was so hands-on throughout the process.”

Keep reading to see how to get the look!



Step 1: To start, two coats of essie’s gel couture wedding collection by Reem Acra in “handmade of honor, were applied to each nail for metallic gleam.

Step 2: For added detailing, a dry nail brush was used to pick up and apply tattered gold leaf flakes to each of Lili’s nails.


Step 3: Finishing the look, with a coat of essie’s gel couture platinum grade top coat, sealing the leaf accents and adding shine.



Talent: Lili Reinhart

Manicurist Credit: Stephanie Stone, Forward Artists

Talent Credit: Getty Images

BTS Image Credit: Steph Stone

Product Credit: essie