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Women must give up a lot of things during pregnancy: sushi, Happy Hour, certain skincare products and those extra espresso shots. One thing you don’t have to sacrifice? Your nails. That’s right, just because your body is home to a growing little one over the next nine months doesn’t mean you have to rock naked tips and toes. Read on to find out the top dos and don'ts of nail care during pregnancy.

DO make sure your salon is well ventilated.

Although you should always make sure that your go-to salon has an efficient ventilation system, it’s extremely important to both you and your growing baby that you minimize any exposure to potentially harmful fumes. While the risks associated with these toxins are only high after frequent exposure, it’s still advised to be cautious. If you walk through the doors and are overwhelmed by the smell of acrylic, polish remover, etc, turn around and walk out immediately. Morning sickness and strong odors do not mix!

DON’T skimp out on your regular pedicure appointment.

As your tummy grows, it’s going to be harder to reach your toes. Not only will frequent pedicures keep your feet in check, you’ll also get to enjoy some much-needed lounging and relaxation.

DO make sure your nail technician is sanitizing his or her tools properly.

Unfortunately, the risk of infection is higher in the salon. Ask your nail tech to explain his or her sanitizing procedures and request that they open a fresh set of implements in front of you Remember, non-metal tools, such as an orangewood sticks and emery boards, cannot be sterilized and should be thrown out after use. Also, avoid pedicure tubs with jets, as explained here.  Because it’s nearly impossible to get rid of all the bacteria, the risk of fungal infection after using these tubs is high.

DON’T be afraid to ask your tech to customize your service for your pregnancy.

As much as you may not want to inconvenience your nail tech, it’s important to remember that you are paying for a service and you deserve to feel as comfortable as possible. Ask your tech to position your chair in order to accommodate your growing belly or to give you a pillow for your lap to make it easier to lay back during your pedicure. If you are also concerned over a certain product, feel free to ask the tech to leave it out of the service. Many salons actually offer manicure and pedicure services designed specifically for pregnant women. Los Angeles-based salon Olive & June offers a pregnancy-friendly pedicure called “The Emma,”  which features all-natural products and a thorough massage for tired, swollen feet.

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