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Summer calls for a trusty SPF, your favorite shades and biweekly pedicures to keep your feet in tip-top shape. Selecting the perfect pedi color can be difficult, and, for most polish aficionados, matching your tips to your toes can feel a bit…passé. Before you visit the salon, check out our top mani/pedi combos for every skin tone. 

For fair and light skin tones, stick to shades that won’t compete with your complexion, especially if your skin has more red undertones. Blue-based pinks and bright teal hues evoke a fun and flirty vibe, while deep navy blue and silver glitter is perfect for more formal occasions.


CND Digit-teal & CND Hot Pop Pink

CND Tango Passion & CND Art Basil

CND Silver Chrome & CND Midnight Swim


For medium complexions, stick with shades that highlight your summer glow, such as bronze, red-orange and dusty lilac. When it comes to flesh-tone hues, opt for warm-tone neutrals instead of pink-based nudes, in order to match your skin’s yellow or olive undertones.


CND Mambo Beat & CND Sugarcane

CND Leather Satchel & CND Clay Canyon

CND Shells in the Sand & CND Mint Convertible


Both pastel and neon shades pop against darker skin. Try to avoid cool gray-based tones, which may look dull upon darker complexions. Don’t be afraid to pair colors from different categories (i.e. neon with pastel) for a bold and playful look.


CND Banana Clips & CND Date Night

CND Video Violet & CND Emerald Lights

CND Wisteria Haze & CND Palm Deco

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