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Who says nail charms and glitter top coats are the only ways to add bling to your tips? If you're looking for a way to kick your cuticle nail art up a notch, this is it.  Nail rings are officially having a moment and polish aficionados couldn’t be more excited. Read on to find out the top reasons why you should add a nail ring to your next mani.

Reason #1: They serve as the perfect finishing touch to your paint job.


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Whether you’re going for ultra-glam metallics or an ornate mani masterpiece, nail rings can be used to punctuate any look. Full-coverage nail rings can add interest to any single-color paint job, while colored gems can help bring out certain shades or patterns in your nail art.


Reason #2: They’re temporary.



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Unlike other nail art products, nail rings can be removed as much as you like. There’s no commitment and zero guilt if you don’t want to wear them the next day. Since they’re technically jewelry, you can wear one on any finger you’d like and switch it on and off as you please.


Reason #3: They disguise chipped polish—enough said.

Even if accessorizing isn’t your thing, nail rings can be an instant mani-saver when you’re in a pinch. Full-coverage nail rings act as a shield for chipped polish, meaning you can simply slip one on when you’re out and about and no one will ever know that your mani is sub-par.

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