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Dewy skin may be in, but when it comes to the top texture for nails this summer, a matte finish reigns supreme. From single-color paint jobs to patterned digits, matte nails are commanding attention this season and we can’t get enough. Check out five luster-free looks we’re loving at the moment for on-trend tips that are anything but dull.

Matte Pastel

There’s no better way to showcase a dusty pastel than with a sleek matte finish. Quick tip: When donning matte polish and/or top coat, opt for a shorter nail length as matte shades tend to chip faster than glossy lacquers.

CREDIT: Nailstyle/@bellissimanails_ri

Matte French

If you think the French is a fashion faux pas these days, think again. The Fashion Week runways got it right—the forever evolving style isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. For a modern look, opt for a glossy French tip over a matte base color in a similar shade.

CREDIT: Nailstyle/@bina bana

Matte Negative Space

Play up flirty nail cutouts with a sleek, matte finish. For best results, use a color-correcting base coat before painting your design. Otherwise, the matte top coat may highlight any imperfections or discoloration in the nail plate.

CREDIT: Nailstyle/@kristine_nails

Matte Nude

Give your go-to style a fresh update with an edgy nail shape and a matte top coat. To prolong the life of any matte shade, make sure to apply thin, even coats, allowing each coat to dry fully before moving onto the next. Pro tip: Don’t forget to “cap the free edge.” After fully coating the nail, swipe polish along the tip of your nail to prevent chipping.

CREDIT: Nailstyle/@cassandra_clark

Matte Stamping

For you stamping enthusiasts out there, take your nail art up a notch up with this matte-over- glossy technique. To achieve the look, paint the base color of your choice and a quick-drying glossy top coat. Then, paint the stamping plate with a matte top coat and press the stamper to the nail.

CREDIT: painted fingertips

What are your favorite ways to wear matte polish? Share your tips and tricks in the comments below and don’t forget to upload your looks to Nailstyle.