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There’s nothing worse than leaving the nail salon and jumping in your car only to smudge your freshly polished manicure or pedicure – seriously though, isn’t that the worst? When gel nail polish made its debut, it became popular at an unfounded rate. Women were actually able to walk out of the salon as soon as your manicure was finished and not have to worry about smudges!

Whether because of the price or the toll it can take on your nail beds, women are now looking for an alternative – even if its just a temporary detox to give your nails a break. While buffing is a great option, nothing perks up your mood like a fun shade of polish.  

The best way to get around this? Invest in drying drops. These magical little drops can dry your polish without the need for UV dryers. There’s even a brand on the market that’s vegan – a win-win if you’re trying to cut down on harmful chemicals.

So, how do these magical things work? After polishing, wait 1-2 minutes and then as your fingers are angled downward apply 1-2 drops at the base of each nail. Let it naturally fall over your nail and allow it to seal and harden your fresh new mani.

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