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In this multi-layered tutorial, the ever talented Nail Artist Tino Vo creates a fabulously intricate and sparkly masterpiece! Watch below as he builds upon layers to create his finished look – perfect for the upcoming season!

1. Apply a thin layer of gel Oy-Another Polish Joke by OPI, cure for 1 minute under LED lamp. Do not wipe sticky layer.

2. Brush on a mixed layer of glitters consisting of medium side iridescent gold, extra-fine orange copper, a microfine red. Then conceal with CND Shellac Topcoat, cure for 1 minute under LED lamp. Wipe off tacky layers.


3. Apply 1 coat of gel Black Onyx by OPI. Do not cure.


4. Use a dotting tool, dip in 100% alcohol and start drawing random lines pattern. Cleanse gel off tool's end frequently if needed. Then cure for 1 minute under LED Lamp. Do not wipe off sticky layer. 

5. Brush on some 680 blue-red duo Pearl Ex pigment on the tacky black layer, you can find them at hobby lobby or art supply store. Conceal with CND Shellac topcoat, cure for 1 minute under LED lamp. Wipe off tacky layer. 


6. Last but not least don't forget your bling. Apply with jewelry gel by Missu. 

Supplies needed:

CND - shellac express Topcoat 

CND - LED lamp

OPI Gel - Oy another polish joke

OPI Gel - Black Onyx

Glitter - medium iridescent gold

Glitter - extra small orange copper

Glitter - micro fine red glitter

Pearl Ex pigment - 680 red blue duo

Dotting tool and 100% alcohol 

Swarovski Crystal and Missu jewelry gel 


Design time for 10 fingers should take from 16 - 20 minutes. 

To see even more nail art and inspiration, be sure to stalk Tino on Nailstyle and stay tuned for his latest tutorials!