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From boots to heels to bags, lucite styles had a major moment in 2017, and now the transparent look has officially made its way to tips. Clear nails are slated to be one of 2018’s top trends and it’s no wonder why—the “empty” space provides the perfect canvas for endless nail creativity. Check out the top see-through styles we’re loving at the moment.



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Clear nails are a cool and modern take on nude. The best part? The trend can be tailored to fit your own nail style, whether you prefer eye-catching designs or a simple and understated look.



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The secret to the clear nail trend? Creating a flawless base. While you can create the look on a naked nail with a clear base coat, clear gel provides a smooth and plump finish that gives the nail that signature “jelly” look.



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Crisp white graphic lines add futuristic flair to seemingly-naked tips. When it comes to outlining the perimeter of the nail, it’s best to keep the length of the nail in mind. One rule of thumb: The shorter the nail, the thinner the outline.



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Give transparent tips major glam with gold leaf or metallic foil. To achieve the look, apply a layer of clear gel and cure, but do not remove the tacky layer. Press the gold leaf or foil onto random parts of the nail, then finish with a second layer of clear gel and cure.



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Clear nails and nail jewelry are a definite yes! The vibrant gemstones add color to the blank canvas without looking too over the top.

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