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Much like a house is only as good as its foundation, a mani is only as good as the quality of the nail underneath. Optimal nail heath comes first, followed by a trusty layer of base coat to create a smooth canvas for your polish job. Read on to find out why base coat is a mani must-have.

It masks imperfections.

Whether you have ridges or discoloration, a good base coat transforms your nail into the perfect canvas. For best results, opt for a formula designed to treat your specific nail concern (i.e. ridge-filling, strengthening, etc.).

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It prevents staining.

Ever wonder why you face such a struggle when removing deep red polish? Chances are, you forgot to apply base coat before varnishing and you’re now left with a yellow nail—not cute! While there are some home remedies to take out nail staining (i.e. whitening toothpaste, lemon, etc.), it’s best to prevent the situation from happening again, especially when working with dark or neon hues. Base coat acts as a protective layer for your nail as the color bonds to the formula instead of your nail plate.

It helps polish last longer.

A good base coat is formulated to bond to lacquer in order to improve wearability. Your natural nail produces its own oils which can compromise the longevity of your polish. Base coat basically “sticks” to polish and helps it stay on longer.

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