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Eager to grow strong, healthy nails? Stop spending money on costly nail enhancements and instead vow to kickstart your nail care routine in the New Year. Check out the top 10 nail resolutions you should make in 2018.

Resolution #1: Stop biting your nails

It may sound obvious, but nothing good can result from nail-biting. Unfortunately, even though most women and men know that biting can lead to raggedy, stubby nails, it’s a difficult habit to quit. To keep your nails out of your month, apply a nail-biting treatment, then wrap a rubber band around your wrist and snap it every time you bite your nails. Eventually, you will associate a bad taste and pain with nail biting and can finally kick the habit for good. 

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Resolution #2: Stock up on essential nail care tools and products.

Though regular manicures will keep your nails in check, you can’t get them in optimal health without making nail care part of your daily beauty routine. Pack cuticle oil, polish remover, a cuticle pusher, nail clipper, nail file, buffer and hand cream in a cosmetic bag next to your bed to ensure you give your nails some much-needed TLC before bed.

Resolution #3: Stop skipping a base coat

Though it may feel like an extra step, applying base coat is essential to a good manicure. Not only does it prevent polish staining and help the color adhere to the nail, but it also provides a smooth surface to ensure a flawless lacquer application.

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Resolution #4: Apply lotion and cuticle oil frequently.

Moisture is the key to slowing down signs of aging, especially on your hands and nails. Keep a nourishing hand lotion and cuticle oil in your purse, your car, at your desk at work and by your bed to ensure you always have them within reach.

Resolution #5: Stop peeling off gel polish

Peeling off gel polish wreaks havoc on your nail plate! Before going to the salon, ask yourself if you’ll have the time to go back and get it removed. If the answer is no—and be honest!—skip the gel manicure altogether and instead opt for a plumping, gel-like top coat over traditional polish.

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Resolution #6: Say no to cuticle cutting

It may be one of the most emphasized nail care tips, but for good reason—cuticle cutting puts you at risk for infection. Whether you DIY or go to the salon for a manicure, make sure the nippers stay far from your cuticles.

Resolution #7: Drink more water

Staying hydrated is always a top resolution for men and women. But drinking more water not only benefits your overall health, it will also keep your nails hydrated to prevent breakage.

Resolution #8: Get irregular discoloration checked out by a doctor

Nails can actually reveal an underlying health issue. While most discoloration and white spots are usually nothing, it’s best to stay on top of your health and speak with your doctor if anything pops up on your nail plate.

Resolution #9: When it comes to nail enhancements, opt for an overlay in place of nail tips.

If you’re addicted to acrylic or hard gel extensions but want your natural nails to grow, ask your tech for an overlay instead. Though your nails will definitely be shorter than they would be with artificial tips, an overlay provides durability and will protect your natural nails from breaking.

Resolution #10: Baby your nails.

Your nails take a beating all day long. If you work on a computer, train yourself to type with the pads of your fingers rather than your nail tips. Another major no-no? Stop peeling off labels with your nails. Doing so can lead to breakage and tearing. Your best bet? Whip out a pair of scissors or a butter knife and leave your nails out of it!

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