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Elzbieta Wojewska's nail designs make everyone green with envy! In this nail tutorial, she's giving us all the feels with this emerald green design. Keep scrolling to see how she created this one-of-a-kind design with these easy to recreate steps!

Step One: Apply a thin layer of green colour gel (Canni 641) to four nails – except the ring fingernail (we will take care of it later). Cure in LED light for 30 seconds. Apply the second coat and cure it as well. You can use this colour gel on gel nails or on acrylics. If you want to do this set on the natural nails you can use gel polish or regular polish, but remember about proper preparation of the nail plate.

Step Two: Apply a shiny top coat to the nails (except the little fingernail) and cure it for 30 sec in LED light (I'm using no wipe top coat by the brand Semilac).

Step Three: Apply a matte top coat to the little fingernail and cure it for 30 sec in LED light (I'm using Semilac top matte total no wipe).
***Now these four nails are done and we won't get glitter on them.***

Step Four: Apply a layer of green colour gel to the ring fingernail. Do not cure it.


Step Five: Sprinkle green glitter over wet gel (I'm using Indigo's mermaid effect black II) and gently flatten it with a fluffy brush or with your finger. Cure the nail for 45 sec in LED light.

Step Six: Apply a shiny top coat to this nail and cure it for 30 sec in LED light.

Step Seven: Time for bling. Use clear gel, thick top coat or nail glue to adhere the crystals. I'm using clear builder gel and applying it with a doting tool.

Step Eight: Apply the crystals to a wet gel/top coat. I'm using my crystal katana to apply my clear AB and pink crystals. When you're happy with your crystal placement, cure it for 60 sec in LED light.

Step Nine: Apply the finish layer of your shiny top coat to ring fingernail. Use a tiny brush to apply top coat around the crystals. This way they will be secured and will stay in place for a long time. Cure it for 30 sec in LED light.

All done! :)

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