A2134db7b0b204647152 nail tutorial

Peacocks are known for their feathers – bright, beautiful and multidimensional. In this tutorial, nail artist Tino Vo creates his own interpretation of this beautiful bird; full of color, sparkle, and shine. Follow along below to see the steps!

1. Take a clean makeup sponge and blend a thick gel blend of green and fuchsia. (I used the thick gel from elite99.) Apply on nails, clean off cuticle, then cure for 1 minute under LED lamp. 

2. Apply one layer of CND Xpress Topcoat, do not cure. Sprinkle Purple iridescent Mylar and extra fine Opal glitter on top of the uncured topcoat. Then cure for 1 minute under LED lamp. 

3. Use my CND Brisa Sculpting Gel to smooth off nail surface. Cure for 1 minute under LED lamp. Then file and buff the entire nail surface smooth.  

4. Use non-wipe topcoat to draw a feather-like pattern, I use my topcoat from Missu. Cure for 1 minute under LED lamp. 

5. Use DailyCharme gold chrome powder to rub on top of the design pattern. 

6. Apply last coat of shellac topcoat by CND. Cure for 1 minute then wipe nail clean. 

To see even more nail art and inspiration, be sure to stalk Tino on Nailstyle and stay tuned for his latest tutorials!