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2017 was a great year of change, of invention and innovation. Brands and individuals were disrupting the industry at every turn and displayed many of their most appealing designs at Fashion Week near and far both on stage and behind the scenes. One of the most popular movements that we are sure to see take off in the New Year was the embrace of natural trends. From hair to makeup and nails, natural and nearly naked is the new black.

While nail art was taking over everywhere, with the New Year we see a movement toward the new natural. While nudes were picked over brights and matte over glossy, we’ve seen the step go one further. Nearly naked nails are on the agenda for 2018 and here’s how to get the look.

Put down the polish and pick up a buffer…

Buffing your nails is back and better than ever. If you’re the type that really can’t stand a chip in your nail, this is the ideal look for you. Involving little to no polish, buffing your nails involves using a low-grade buffing tool to smooth your nail bed and add natural luster. If a little extra gloss is desired, simply apply a single swipe of top coat to protect your nails.

The last thing you would think to try…

When you think of nail polish and polishing your nails you most often think of the color coat (and probably not the base and the top). These are equally as important for a healthy manicure. What’s more, you can use a special base coat to achieve a sheer natural look – a ridge filler. Ridge FX by CND was used on all the models of Simone Rocha in London and we absolutely adored the look!

Treat yourself this season…

At the start of the year sometimes all you need is a little TLC. In this case essie’s Treat Love & Color will do just the trick. With revolutionary formulas meant to take care of your nails with a swipe of polish, you’ll be hooked. Looking for a few different shades? Zoya’s Naked Manicure instantly improves your nails while delivering vitamins and proteins to protect and improve your nails!

Now all you have to do is take your pick for a low-maintenance New Year!


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