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Nude manicures can be intimidating for those with less-than-perfect tips. The good news? With the right products and nail care habits, everyone can rock a nearly-naked mani. Read on to find out the top dos and don’ts of wearing nude polish.

DO take the time to prep the nail

Think of nude polish as the nail equivalent to foundation. Much like you would apply moisturizer and primer before applying foundation to your skin, you must prep the nail before polishing. For best results, perform a standard manicure (cleansing the nail plate, shaping, filing, buffing and maintaining cuticles) before polishing.

 DON’T skimp out on a base coat. 

In order to ensure a smooth application, a good base coat is key. Select a formula designed to fit your specific needs (i.e ridge filling, strengthening, etc.). Apply it to your nails and allow it to dry before applying color.

DO consider your skin tone when selecting the perfect nude shade.

Much like when you’re searching for the right foundation, there are a few things to consider when choosing a nude polish. Ask yourself: Is your skin tone more yellow- or pink-based? What are your coverage needs (sheer vs. opaque)? Another tip? Opt for a color that’s close to your skin tone, but not an exact match as an identical shade will wash you out.

DON’T forget about the finish.

Because nude manicures are so subdued, small details can make all the difference. Don’t be afraid to play around with matte, ultra-glossy and even pearlescent or even matte top coats to change up your look.

DO play around with nail art.

A nude mani doesn’t have to be boring. Many nail artists opt for a nude base to serve as a “blank canvas” for their mani masterpieces. A hint of color or tiny embellishments can work wonders on a solid nude hue.

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Image Credit: @isabelmaynails