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Oily hair? Not cute. Oil slick nails? Totally on trend. That’s right, the latest nail art craze mimics the look of oil dripping off your nail. Originally seen last year in the world of hair and we might love it more on nails! Think of the trend as the dark alternative to iridescent nails. Typically, the look features a black base and a blend of colorful holographic shades. Read on to learn tips and tricks for recreating the slick style.


Cult Status: A stop-you-in-the-streets oil spill foil.

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Whether you opt for full coverage or a dose of color at the free edge, the key to this look is making it appear as though you dipped your finger in oil and it’s starting to “drip” off the nail, revealing hints of color as your nail catches the light. To achieve the look, apply a black polish, then paint stripes of holographic color on top of the black polish and use a brush to gently swirl the colors together.


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Multi-chrome hues are crucial to the trend as they reflect different colors as they catch the light. Quick tip: When swirling the colors together, make sure to avoid over-mixing to prevent the shades from looking muddy.


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Don’t be afraid to experiment with your base color. Though oil is generally black, you can achieve the same effect over a deep purple or midnight blue base.



Our signature oil spill foil comes alive with artful negative space.

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Amp up the look with colored foil and negative space. When working with gel polish, apply two coats of the base color and cure. Do not remove the tacky layer. Apply the transfer foil directly to the nail and finish with clear gel. If the foil doesn’t stick properly to the nail after curing the base shade, apply a thin layer of clear gel and cure, then try applying the foil.


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Acrylic aficionados can also get in on the oil slick action with colored chrome powders. Because of the consistency, the powders can easily blend together and create a multifaceted “wet” look. To seal in the shine, make sure to finish with an ultra-glossy top coat.