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Glitter has been trending since those gorgeous glitter cuticles from the gorgeous Rodarte Show at NYFW. Since then we've been obsessed with how to get the best glitter nail and been wondering is glitter better than shimmer? The latest in nail trends just hit and this one is all about that glam life: Outline Glitter. Debuted by the über talented @Nail_Unistella, this trend uses perfectly placed glitter on beautifully manicured nails to create an outline around the nail bed. It slightly reminds us of the days or Swarovski Crystal cell phones, and we dig it!

This is a fresh take on glitter nails that give us all some hope. Great for the understated or someone who wants an accent – we would rock these to almost anything.


To create a similar look:

Step 1: Start on clean, manicured nails – length of your choosing (although we dig the shorter style).

Step 2: Apply a base coat and allow to dry.

Step 3: Choose a glitter that is large enough that you can place it individually. Use tweezers or a dotting tool to pick up each piece of glitter and place it along your nail bed.

Step 4: Apply a high gloss topcoat to seal in the style.


What do you think of the latest trend? Would you give it a try?

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Cover and Trend: Courtesy of @Nail_Unistella Instagram