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If the thought of oval nails make you cringe, you’re not alone. However, we’ve noticed a sudden shift back to this trend – maybe the 90s are to blame. If pink and whites become a “thing” again then we’re out of here, but we can get behind the ovals temporarily and for good reason.

Dip powders, gels, and excessive nail art can sometimes cause nails to get dry and brittle. Peeling, chipping and breaking – does this sound like your typical nail style? If so, then its time to cut back and go oval. Short oval nails are a strong nail shape that will cut down on breakage and allow your nails to take a break from the wild side and regain their natural splendor.

If you’re trying to get your nail care under control, try pairing your new oval shape with a nail strengthener. This chic way to nourish your nails will have you back to your normal nail shape in no time! 

Stay tuned for even more nail inspiration and take a peek at these nail trends!