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Ever notice that even if you get a manicure and pedicure at the same time, the polish on your nails starts chipping within a few days, while the polish on your toes stays in place for a couple weeks? You’re not alone! Read on to learn why your pedi always outlasts your mani and easy ways to prolong the life of your polish no matter where you apply it.

Less trauma

Think about everything you do with your hands during the day.  From texting to typing to prying things open (a major nail no-no), the tips of your nails take a beating—it’s even a wonder how the polish stays on for more than a couple of hours! Even if you wear sandals all day, your toes are not as vulnerable, making polish less likely to chip. Our advice? Use the pads of your fingers rather than the tips of your nails to get things done.

Less water exposure

You wash your hands multiple times a day, which can lead to dryness and cause premature chipping. You most likely even soak your nails before a manicure, which causes the nail to expand and leads to chipping once the nail shrinks back to its normal size. One easy way to squeeze a few more days out of your mani or pedi? A waterless service. Not only will it help your polish stay on longer—it also reduces water usage.

Shorter length

When it comes to nails, some women prefer shorter tips while others opt for a longer length. Thankfully, the same rule usually doesn’t apply to toes—most women want to keep their toes short to prevent snagging and ingrown toenails. Because toenails are shorter, they are less likely to get bumped—meaning your polish can stay in place for weeks at a time. If you’re looking to prolong your mani, it’s best to keep your tips short.

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