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*Disclaimer: If you’re not down with nudity, you’re probably not down with this article and may want to read THIS instead*

When you hear nude nails you probably think “classic, understated, chic”. We are seeing a new “nude” take over the gram and its a little less about the polish shade and more about the art — the nail art that is. Women everywhere are embracing their femininity (fem·i·nin·i·ty : noun. the quality of being female; womanliness. Also see: fierce, badass), combined with a “No Fucks Given” attitude and We’ve rounded up some of the most naked nail art on the internet and combined it with some words of wisdom - because, why not?  


“Girls have got balls. They're just a little higher up, that's all.” ― Joan Jett


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Don’t ever let a man try and tell you he has bigger balls than you; he is wrong. Boob print pattern by Taylor Watson (IG: sfpartynails). 



“The best gift I can give [my girlfiends] is an orgasm.” - Eva Longoria, actress speaking on the subject of vibrators


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Giving new meaning to #nailporn. Nails via Preen Beauty Specialists™️ (IG: preenyourself).



“If you talked to your friends the way you talk about your body, you’d have no friends left.” - Marcia Hutchinson


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It’s your body; embrace it. Nails by Morgan Colette (IG: morgancolette_nailartist) for @bree.bush via Finger Bang Portland (IG: fingerbangportland) 



“… women’s breasts are not the problem. Sexual objectification is the problem. ... Breasts don't hurt children, breasts feed children, and it's the sexualization of women's bodies that's actually hurting children the most.” - Soraya Chemaly, activist


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#FreeTheNipple nails by Milica Dodic (IG: rhymes_with_pizza).



“So when you look at these I ask you not to just take it at surface level as a shock-n-awe pussy manicure, but think of them as a dissent from what society expects of us, a dissent from the marginalization and sexual repression we have endured over the years, and a reason to be thankful that we live in a time in which we have the FREEDOM to wear our sex organs on our manicures.” - Asa Bree, nail artist (IG:  asabree)  


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Vagina nails by Asa Bree (IG: asabree).



Don’t be a dick. 


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#DingalingNails (his hashtag; not ours) by celebrity nail artist Chaun Legend (IG: chaunlegend). Proof that anything is possible when it comes to nail art if you just believe.

As young girls, we were taught to be polite, proper and sweet. As adult women, we are saying this is me and this is what I want to do and it may not be quintessentially polite, proper or sweet, and that is ok. From the Women’s March to Pussy Hats and now vagina nails - women are rising and redefining the rules of what is “acceptable”. What’s up next? 

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