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Velour tracksuits may still be out, but your favorite luxe fabric is back as one of fall’s hottest trends. That’s right, velvet is going to be everywhere this season, from accessories to jumpsuits to gowns. But this throwback look goes beyond fashion. Nails are also getting the plush treatment just in time for the colder months. Check out our roundup of velvet tips to give you major mani inspiration.




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A good velvet flocking powder is the key to getting the most realistic velvet-like finish. To create the look, apply two coats of color and allow it to dry before applying a layer of top coat. While the nail is still wet, use tweezers to apply the flocking powder to the nail, then use a brush to remove the excess powder.


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Amp up a single-color paint job with velvet accent nails and a sleek matte top coat. When working with gel polish, cure the gel top coat and do not remove the tacky layer before applying the flocking powder.



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Rich plum and deep navy blue hues look ultra-luxe with a plush velvet finish. Mix and match your favorite shades to achieve a customized regal look.


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A velvet finish can be used to highlight even the smallest details. When working with smaller sections, make sure that the base shade has cured or dried completely before applying the velvet powder. Otherwise, the powder will stick to various parts on the nail and may mess up your design.


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For a more low-key look, opt for a velvet top coat. The formula adds a soft, velvet-like matte finish to any shade in seconds.

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