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Nothing adds instant polish to any ensemble during the colder months more than a tweed coat. And now the fashion staple is making its way to tips. Check out the top tweed looks to try out this season.



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The secret to recreating the iconic pattern? A super-fine detail brush and short vertical and horizontal strokes. For best results, opt for a dark base and lighter accent colors to create the design.



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Don’t have the funds to drop on a Chanel tweed coat? Give your tips a haute couture feel with a tweed pattern, matte black polish and gold chain accents.


A fan brush can also be used to create a tweed look. Begin by applying different shades of polish to a piece of foil, then dip the tip of brush into your desired shade. Gently wipe off the excess polish on the foil, then add the color to the nail in short horizontal and vertical strokes. Repeat using the other shades until you achieve your desired pattern.



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Texture is a great way to add interest to any tweed design. To give the pattern that “fuzzy” look, apply a small amount of flocking powder to wet polish, then use a brush to dust off the excess.



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Not a fan of the all-over print? Try adding a tweed pattern to the tip of the nail for a cool, negative space look. Pair with pearls and gems to give the design a classy, elegant feel fit for any occasion.

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