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Growing tired of the constant fills, lifting and unnatural thickness that come with acrylics? It may be time to switch to a different type of nail enhancement: hard gel. Hard gel provides the same durability as acrylics but is more flexible and natural-looking. But are hard gels worth the commitment? Read on to discover five reasons why you should give gel nails a try.

Natural finish

Unlike acrylics, which can look bulky on the nail, hard gel can be applied in thin layers to give you a more natural look. Plus, hard gel is more flexible than traditional acrylic, which means it is less likely to break.

No harsh odors

Monomer and acrylic powder have a very strong scent that can cause headaches or irritate your sinuses. Most hard gel formulas have a low odor or are odor-free.


Hard gels are the only way to achieve that plump, smooth, jelly-like finish that is so popular on Instagram. Most hard gels formulas contain self-leveling properties that create a seamless finish on the nail no matter how you apply it.


If acrylic powder and monomer irritates your skin, then hard gel is the way to go. Hard gel is formulated with a type of resin that is usually less irritating than the polymers found in acrylic.

No more soaking

Acrylic nails must be soaked in acetone in order to break down the product, which can be very drying to the nail plate and surrounding skin. Hard gel nails must be filed off. One thing to keep in mind? Pay attention as the tech files the hard gel off the nail as over-filing can damage the nail plate.

Long-lasting results

Not only is it easier to create designs with gel because of easy clean-up, your mani masterpieces will also stay in place longer without fading. The same holds true for shine. Unlike acrylic nails, which tend to dull over time, hard gels remain shiny until your next fill. Another benefit? Because hard gel enhancements are thinner than traditional acrylics, regrowth isn’t as noticeable. You’ll only need to get them “filled” or “rebalanced” every 3-4 weeks.

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