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Having great nails isn’t cheap. Whether you DIY or go to the salon, it takes time, effort and money to keep your nails in check. From simple at-home polish manicures to over-the-top nail art on acrylic or gel extensions, you have to carve out certain expenses if you want your nails to look good at all times. Before splurging on a certain type of service, check out our “nail budgets” to give you an idea of how much money you’re really going to be spending on your tips.

*Numbers are based on average costs of products/services and a 20-percent tipping rate

At-Home Polish Manicure

Base coat…..$9

Top coat…… $9

Nail polish…..$10

Manicure tools (nail clipper, cuticle pusher, orangewood stick)…..$15

Polish Remover……$7

Cotton pads…..$3

Paper towels…$3

Average Cost= Approximately $56 initially; products should provide at least 2-3 months of weekly manicures


Traditional Salon Manicure



Travel costs….$5-$10 if salon is local

Average Cost= Up to $40 every two weeks, or about $80/ month


Gel Polish Manicure



Travel costs….$5-$10 if salon is local

Average Cost= Up to $58 every 2-3 weeks, or about $116/month

Acrylic/Gel Enhancements (no nail art)

Full Set….$35-$60 (Recommended every 3-5 months)




Travel costs…..$5-$10 if salon is local

Average Cost= With the full set plus one fill, up to $140/month; with only a fill every 2 weeks, up to $116/month


Additional Expenses

Gel polish removal…..$10

Nail art…….Ranges from $5 and up depending on the salon; some techs charge based on the design, the materials used or the time spent



It may sound silly, but many women admit that if their nails are done, they feel as though they have their life together. Whether you DIY or make frequent trips to the salon, it’s always a good idea to carve out some money in your budget to pamper yourself.

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