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There’s literally nothing worse than dry, raggedy cuticles. You can have a gorgeous polish shade, long, slender nail beds or cool, eye-catching nail art, but if your cuticles look neglected, your nails will too! So how can you combat dryness and keep your cuticles healthy and hydrated? Read on to discover easy ways to keep your cuticles in check when they feel dry AF!

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

When it comes to treating dry cuticles, moisturization is key, no matter what type of product you use. From cuticle oils to butters to creams, there are plenty of options on the market designed to deliver maximum hydration. Make it a habit to hydrate your cuticles multiple times a day, especially after hand-washing, showering and before bed.

Invest In A Cuticle Oil

While applying lotion can improve dry skin, getting a little extra by adding cuticle oil to your routine will make all the difference for your nails. We suggest investing in a solid formula and leaving it on your desk. Throughout the workday paint your cuticles with a little oil. In no time, it will be your favorite way to take a break!

Our Pick: OPI ProSpa Nail & Cuticle Oil To-Go — a quick and easy application with this pen applicator



Throw out drying products

If you want your nails to remain soft and hydrated, you need to toss any products that can be drying or irritating to your skin. Think: alcohol-based antibacterial soaps or wipes, acetone, and even harsh shampoos.

Wear gloves when possible

It may seem silly, but if you want to keep your hands and your nails youthful-looking, then you’re going to need limit their exposure to water and other harsh weather conditions. Water and even cold weather can be extremely drying; gloves shield your skin and allow it to retain moisture.

Stop picking

Though constantly picking at your cuticles may not cause dryness, it definitely won’t help the situation. To maintain cuticles without causing damage, make it a habit to gently push them back in the shower as skin is softest when it is wet. Also, whether you DIY or visit a salon for your manicure, never cut the cuticles. Doing so can result in an infection and cause cuticles to look even worse.

Eat right

Dry cuticles can actually be a sign of a deficiency in the body. Incorporate healthy fats and foods rich in vitamin E and zinc to keep cuticles soft. Think: salmon, olive oil, avocado and spinach. For more ideas about what to eat for healthy nails and hair, check this guide out!


Once you've got your cuticles on lock, check nail art inspiration here and let us know what you think in the comments below!