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Nothing adds instant glam to tips like a shimmer-packed shade. But while glitter lacquer may be essential to every polish aficionado’s collection, it does have a limited shelf life. And if you hold onto the bottle a little too long, you’ll be left with a thick, uneven, glittery mess. Read on to learn the top three signs it’s time to toss your glitter lacquer and replace it with a new one.

#1: The formula has gotten chunky

Though glitter polish is thicker than traditional polish by nature, a chunky, super-thick formula will make it impossible to apply. So why does it thicken up so fast? Oftentimes, too much air gets into the bottle while you’re applying color, causing the already-thick formula to get even thicker. You can try rolling the bottle in between your palms to mix all of the ingredients together. (Never shake the bottle as that will create air bubbles and cause the polish to chip!) If that won’t do the trick, it’s time to purchase a fresh bottle.

#2: The formula has separated

If all of the glitter has sunk down to the bottle of the bottle, you can try the rolling technique mentioned above. Avoid putting the bottle upside-down in hopes of bringing the glitter to the top. Doing so will actually ruin the quality of the polish even more.

#3: The polish has an odor

While all lacquer has a signature scent, if anything smells “off” with the formula, it’s time to part ways. Foul odor means the formula has started to go bad and won’t properly adhere to the nail.

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