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With so many gel products on the market, it can be tough to figure out which system best fits your lifestyle, especially now that frequent salon goers have seen the effects some products can have on nails. Enter CND Shellac: A long-lasting gel polish system that offers durability, high-shine and zero damage to your nails. Not sure you’re ready to make the commitment? Here are the top five reasons that are sure to make you a Shellac-addict in no time.

1. Shellac actually lasts.

Although gel polish is known for lasting longer than traditional polish, some gel systems fall flat and start to lift within a week of wear. Shellac delivers high-shine color for at least 14 days. How so? The Shellac Base Coat creates a lasting bond with the natural nail, and provides the perfect foundation for the Shellac Color Coat. CND Creative Ambassador Miss Pop (@misspopnails) couldn’t agree more, she says, “The most amazing part of any gel product is the wear time. With CND Shellac, your mani stays magically chip free and super glossy for at least two weeks— even for someone like me who works with her hands. Plus, it really helped me grow out my nails, so I’m now also serving Adele realness."

2. Shellac offers unbeatable shine.

Unlike other gel systems that get dull in a matter of three or four days, Shellac’s impeccable, glossy finish is cemented with your choice of three long-lasting top coats designed to fit your needs: Shellac Original Top Coat, Shellac Xpress5 Top Coat for easy 5-minute removal and Shellac Duraforce Top Coat to help strengthen nails and protect against breakage.

3. There’s literally zero dry time.

If waiting for polish to dry is your idea of cruel and unusual punishment, make the switch to Shellac immediately! Miss Pop adds, “Once my nail look is done, I can eat a sandwich, dig through my handbag for my key, hit the beach, etc. without worrying I’ll smudge. It’s awesome.” Simply apply base coat, two layers of Color Coat and top coat, curing under the powerful CND LED Lamp in between coats, and bam—your tips will be done in a snap. 

4. Removal is a breeze.

Unlike other gel systems, which require at least 10 minutes or more of soaking time, Shellac soaks off in just a few minutes! This is Miss Pop’s favorite part about CND Shellac, “It can soak off in 5 minutes with Xpress5 Top Coat. It’s so fast, it just crumbles right off. Just make sure it’s the real deal CND, not some rando brand, not a mix of a bunch of different brands (i.e. the base coat, color coats, and top coat are all CND Shellac.)” The CND Shellac Offly Fast Removal & Care Kit includes all the essentials for fast removal: foil wraps, Offly Fast Moisturizing Remover, a manicure stick and SolarOil cuticle oil for instant hydration.

5. Your nails are protected.

Gel polish has been getting a bit of a bad rap lately, and with so many not-so-great options out there, it’s no wonder why. Unlike other brands, Shellac has been around for a long time, and users will attest that their nails are just as healthy, if not healthier, than before they started using the system. Miss Pop understands that a lot of women steer clear of gel polish because they are afraid it will damage their nails, but she says, “The damage typically happens in the removal process. I wear CND Shellac because it’s the only gel polish that doesn’t cause damage to the natural nails because of how gently it is removed. There is no drilling, filing, or even buffing necessary over the top of the nail. All you need is remover. That’s it. I’ve been wearing Shellac for almost a year straight and they look as healthy and strong as they did before I became obsessed.” Many techs will agree: Most of the damage that comes from wearing gel polish is improper removal. Shellac is specifically formulated to go on and soak off easily, meaning no scraping of the nail is required. And since the formula is long-lasting, your nails will have a chance to strengthen and grow during those 14 days of wear.

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