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This year, jewelry for the hair and nails has taken on new forms with bun cuffs and accessories and glitter cuticles and friendship bracelet mani’s.  Now, there’s a new jewelry nail trend in town and it’s here just in time for spring. #Wirenails is the latest craze hitting Instagram and we can’t wait to see these fierce nails IRL!


Take a peek at some of our favorite inspiration from the trend and let us know which is your favorite!


This style adds a simple design on top of a natural nail!


This look reminds us of wire plants and sculptures, bring on the wire because we love this look!


Ad a pop of color and a pop of wire to contrast different elements of design.



Where the craze started! We fell in love with her outlined look, but we would take anything @Nail_Unistella creates!



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One last @Nail_Unistella, because we can't get enough of #wirenails!


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Which is your favorite #wirenail style? Be sure to sound off below and check out even more #nailinspo, here!