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The Top Nail Care Tips Of The Week

Whether you're looking for the perfect top coat or the best ways to treat foot fungus, check out the top nail tips of the week!

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DIY Gels: The One Step Polish that Will Change Your On-The-Go Nail Game

With the holidays pretty much here, we are getting into the time of year where it seems like there is always somewhere to be. Follow along as one of our nail editors details the easiest way to get on-the-go nails!

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What Really Causes White Spots On Nails?

Contrary to the age-old myth, white spots on nails aren’t a sign of calcium deficiency. But don’t panic—white spots are actually very common and are usually nothing to worry about. So what should you do? Read on to discover what causes white spots on nails and how to treat them stat!

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We know for some people, summer is coming to an end, but, in sunny SoCal it feels like the heat is just getting started. Weekend getaways to escape the scorching temps are a must. Whether you are packing your overnight bag for a trip to the beach or think you can handle a few more degrees somewhere EVEN HOTTER (hello, Las Vegas!) as long as your are propped up pool-side, a last minute mani often gets pushed to the list of “should have would haves” or, if you are anything like me, your list of “I think I can execute this successfully in 2.5 seconds”.

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5 Ways To Know Your Nail Tech Is “The One”

You wouldn’t let just anyone cut your hair, so why should your nails be any different? Finding the right nail tech takes time, patience, money—and yes, trial-and-error. But once you’ve found “your tech,” you’ll notice that your nails have never looked better. So how do you know if you’ve met your match? Keep reading to discover five easy ways to tell that you’ve met “the one”—at least when it comes to your nails.

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Going Clear—Glass Nail Tips Are Officially The New Nude

From boots to heels to bags, lucite styles had a major moment in 2017, and now the transparent look has officially made its way to tips. Clear nails are slated to be one of 2018’s top trends and it’s no wonder why—the “empty” space provides the perfect canvas for endless nail creativity. Check out the top see-through styles we’re loving at the moment.

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Goal Setting vs. Goal Achieving | Barb Abeyta – Nail Pro Coach

How do I break through and become like those successful nail pros I admire?  Why do I set goals when I don’t get them anyways? What does it take to become a successful goal achiever?  Why is it so hard? These are just a few questions that Nail Pro Coach Barb Abeyta addresses, keep reading to find out more!

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Short, Sweet + O, So Chic! How Blake Lively Nailed the Nail Game at the 2018 VMAs

We have a pretty big #girlcrush on Blake Lively. She constantly nails that effortlessly chic style that is a bit “I just threw this on” with a touch of “I’m straight off of the runway” and a splash of “it’s all in the details”. Blake Lively is known to rock some major nail art complete with gems and so much glam but, for the 2018 VMAs she decided on something a touch more subdued. She went short and natural - but definitely not basic. We’ve got the steps to replicate this white-on-white art-deco nail art. 

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How To Build a Salon Clientele - Kim Stoddard

Sometimes breaking into the nail world can be hard! It will take patience and time to be able to follow your dream!  However, with hard work and dedication, you can be successful in the industry! We talked with Kim Stoddard about her experience and here are her top 5 tips to successfully building a strong clientele in the salon!

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