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I have officially found the power couple of nail polishes and before you roll your eyes - this dynamic duo is one seriously worth investing in*. *it is so good you may want to buy multiples and stash them in multiple locations

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The Best Metallic Shades for Fall

Metallic was a huge trend spotted on the Fall runways. From glittery chrome looks at Michael Kors to the gold gowns at Jason Wu, fashion and beauty are having a heavy metal moment. Read on to find out the top metallic shades to test-drive on tips this season.

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Trending: Nail Shades For Fall

As we begin to think about switching out our shorts for sweaters and sandals for sneakers, lets delve into the hottest nail colors we should be rocking this fall!

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The Perfect Fall Nail Tutorial

Get cozy this fall with this gold leaves nail tutorial...

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Trend Spotting: Nail Jewelry

Friendship bracelets are so passé. If you and your BFF really want something that symbolizes your relationship, stick with trinkets that can’t get lost: matching nail jewelry. That’s right, nails bedecked with chains, diamonds and other fanciful adornments are the latest trend taking over social media. Check out the top tricked-out tips we’re loving at the moment.

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How To Help The Victims Of The California Wildfires

Currently, there are three major wildfires burning in California – Camp in Northern California and Woosley and Hill in Southern California. The flames have engulfed endless acres and displaced families, animals, and wildlife from their homes. Due to continued strong winds, these fires are far from being extinguished; communities, families, and firefighters are in need of resources and donations.

As some of the most destructive wildfires in California, they are in need of support. Below please find regional and local organizations that you can contribute relief efforts to help these communities. 

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Nail Growth Supplements That Actually Work

As tempting as it may be to run out and purchase the miracle “nail growth” pill you see on Instagram, don’t do it! While few produce results, others may actually do more harm than good. Instead, stick to supplements that are made from actual nutrients your body needs. From vitamins to minerals and everything in between, check out the top five supplements that promise to give you the long, healthy nails of your dreams.

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Trending: Jelly Nails

In the early 80’s, less than a dollar could get you a really cool pair of Jelly shoes that you could sport with your all over neon outfit. Yeah, it happened. Since then, Jelly shoes have made several appearances on the fashion trend-charts, with a reappearance in the 90s and then its newest incarnation…. Jelly Nails!

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These Nails Are Making a Statement, Literally.

It’s not always easy to say what you mean. Luckily for you, spelling it out on your nails is the “it-girl” choice for on-trend in mani’s this season. From kisses to shout outs, this new way to express yourself is hitting the streets and blowing up Instagram with small, but mighty little letters! Keep reading for a few of our favorite ways to wear the trend.

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