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Most Expensive Celeb Manis Of All Time

Whether they spend a couple hundred dollars or a couple hundred grand, Hollywood’s leading ladies know the value of a good manicure—and aren’t afraid to spend the money on it. Check out four of the most expensive celeb manicures in nail history.

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Top 10 Nail Resolutions For A Healthy New Year

Eager to grow strong, healthy nails? Stop spending money on costly nail enhancements and instead vow to kickstart your nail care routine in the New Year. Check out the top 10 nail resolutions you should make in 2018.

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Trend Spotting: Kirakira Nails

Everything looks better with a little bling. And now, thanks to the Kirakira+ app, you can add sparkle to just about anything, especially blinged-out tips. Check out the top glittering looks we’re loving at the moment.

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Nails To Ring In The New Year

With so many trends, how do you choose just the right nail style for such a big night out?!

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4 Tips For Trying A New Nail Salon

It may seem trivial but trying out a new nail salon can, at times, result in more roadblocks than you may have anticipated. Whether you have moved or just need a solid option for a lunch-break mani-pedi, you want to make sure that you are leaving the salon happy! We all know there are a lot more factors than polish selection when it comes to ensuring a positive in-salon experience. 

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Can't Fight The (Fall) Feeling: Seasonal Transitions for Your Nails

Being based in LA, the Fall season starts with an internal struggle between the outside temperature and what I wish the temperature would be. I think it is safe to say that it stays pretty toasty into September ... October ... November? TBH, I have literally sweated it out on Thanksgiving because Mother Nature was calling for Sundress Weather and I was completely committed to Sweater Weather. 

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The Makeup of Nail Polish

Ever wonder what’s inside your favorite polish bottle? While actual formulas vary amongst manufacturers, the general makeup of nail polish is pretty much the same across the board. Keep reading to discover the real ingredients inside nail polish.

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2019 NAHA Finalist - Rochelle Dingman | Nail Professional Of The Year

Inspired by the Royal Family, Rochelle Dingman's NAHA Finalist collection for Nail Professional Of The Year is royally beautiful! With muted tones and luscious reds, roses and 4d styling encapsulate her trendy nails in a beautiful collection. Keep reading to learn more about her inspiration behind the collection! 

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6 #ExtraAF Holiday Trends To Try This Season (According To Instagram)

When it comes to the holidays, we’re all a little bit “extra.” From piled-on glitter to a bright red lip, there’s no better time to step out of your shell and play around with an array of glamorous looks. Keep reading to discover the top six trends to try this season.


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